The Things we Attach Ourselves to

I just finished reading a wonderful middle grade novel about a young boy whose love and compassion help him find courage well beyond what any child should need. The book was Lynne Kelly’s debut novel, Chained and the boy was ten year old Hastin.

At her book launch on May the 12th, Lynne shared her passion for this story and how she knew from the start that it just had to come out. She explained a little about her own six year journey as she brought Hastin’s struggle to life. Lynne signed a copy for my niece and I plan to surprise her with it at Christmas. My little niece has struggles of her own and I think she’ll love this story of courage and inner strength.

So was it her I was thinking of when I saw a little knick knack at The Purple Elephant the other day?

Or was it Hastin?

Maybe it was his new best friend, Nandita. Yeah, it was probably her, the little elephant who was stolen from her family and placed into Hastin’s care.

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t resist and now this little girl sits on the nightstand by my bed. I know I’ll think of Lynne’s book and the beautiful love she built between a boy and his elephant every time I look at mine.

But now I’m curious. This is the first time I’ve bought a relic reminding me of a book I’m reading. If it weren’t, then heck . . . I’d have a house full of things I’d have to dust. Things like toll booths and hatchets. Mortars and pestles. I’d have a bowling trophy, a smiling dog, a talking owl. Or two. I’d have a white cat, a couple chimaera, some vampire teeth . . . definitely a bow and arrow. I’d have an underground city, a hundred dogs – or at least their dust. I’d have a talking mouse, a couple island-stranded teen beauties and a handful of stolen books. The list could go on and on until I had no room to move around!

So I wonder what’s different about the elephant. Do I just have a thing for them? Or maybe a thing for huge animals depicted in loving, caring stories? If that’s the case, I wonder why I wasn’t oddly attracted to a tiny gorilla when I read Ivan a few weeks ago.

Oh, but wait . . . turns out I already have a monkey.

Bottom line: pick up Lynne’s book. It will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. It will make a wonderful gift for that middle grader in your family. And who knows, it might make you want to collect cute little knick knacks.

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