Some days are coal

It’s Friday. 9:55. PM. And I have yet to post my Friday blog. If truth be told . . . I got nothing. So I’ve been putting it off. And off. And off. Until now.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything blogworthy. Although it seems like I haven’t. I mean, what’s it like to sit around on your arse all week long while a bunch of contractors crawl around your house doing a variety of work related things. My husband (bless his lil ole heart) says I shouldn’t feel bad sitting at my computer while other people are busy doing stuff. And I know he’s right. I mean . . . writing is HARD WORK TOO! So you’d think I’d get a lot of it done while all this work went on all around me. Right?


I blame it on my upbringing. And living on a farm where there was never any down time. Never a moment when we were allowed to just sit. Around. Doing nothing. While others worked.

So even today there’s a nagging little mom/dad voice telling me how wrong it is to write while other people are doing “actual” work. As if WRITING is not actual work!

Needless to say, with all that personal baggage going on inside my head I didn’t get a lot of work done on my book.

But I read a a few blogs about writing! So, the least I could do is share one with you.

I can’t remember how I found Chuck Wendig’s blog called Twenty Five Things I Learned While Writing Blackbirds. One of the sites I visited directed me there. With a disclaimer that, if you are offended by language, don’t go there! I’m not, so I did. And boy am I glad! His 25 things have really inspired me to look at my writing in a different light. Number two. Number six. Numbers eight and nine. Number ten. Thirteen.

Fourteen forward seem to be things he learned after, during or because of publication. I’ll save those for later. In the meantime, I’m keeping his blogsite handy. And maybe next week, after the work in my house is done, I can put some of Wendig’s advice into practice.

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