Hey There Friday.. how the heck are ya?

So here I am knee deep in prep work. Specifically for Darcy Pattison’s Novel Revision Workshop, the one I signed up for a few months back. Sure, the retreat is not until mid-January but that Darcy is a workhorse! She has us doing all sorts of homework in preparation! See these books I have to read:

Complete with exercises at the end of each chapter! The First Five Pages expressly prohibits its readers from continuing to the next chapter until they’ve finished the exercises from the previous one. I keep thinking . . . how will it know if I don’t!? And COME ON! I have a life you know!

I’m kidding of course . . . fact is, I have no life. It’s true . . . I don’t.

And as far as the retreat goes, I signed up knowing full well it would kick my butt. And in the process it would kick my writing’s butt!

I’ve heard great things about Darcy’s workshops. Things like . . . “he found an agent shortly after tweaking his novel during Darcy’s workshop.” Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I want to have happen to me.

So off I go, reading the two assigned books: The First Five Pages and Self Editing for Fiction Writers (Steering the Craft is not part of it . . . it’s just a book I’m still working through because I love it so much and am taking my time with it.)

In addition to the reading and the exercises, I’m required to read three other manuscripts—those written by other retreat attendees like me. So in groups of four we go forth! Armed with the tools of the writing trade and ready to tweak and edit and revise until our fingers bleed! We are the fearless, the brave, the strong.

And you’re bound to find us on the best selling lists very, very soon.

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