Today’s talk is all about a book . . . and a couple of things I said I’d never do.

Thing number one: read something categorized as paranormal romance! I mean . . . me? No way. I’m just not into that kind of non-reality. A different kind of non-reality, yes. But paranormal non-reality, no.

Thing number two: evolve from paper to electronic reading (see previous post where I boast of how dear to my heart are the good old fashion, hot-off-the-press kinds of books).

Having said all that . . . how on earth did I find myself knee deep into Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone?!

And how in the world did I come to be reading it on my I-thingie, the device that’s been attached to me like a second skin since I started this book?

I think it might be my husband’s fault (and if you were to ask him, I blame him for everything else too). But this time it’s true! He’s the one who bought the I-Pad for my birthday and told me all the things I could do with it… one being, download books. And when I went looking, I learned that I can download samples of books for preview before I buy! And the samples are enough to get you hooked—hence the reading of Smoke and Bone. Not that I’m unhappy. I mean, this book is really good!

And good thing I’m reading it on my I-thingie because Laini uses all sorts of crazy words derived from ancient Latin sources and mythology. Words like chimaera and fricatives and evanesce (to name just a few). . . not words I use in my day to day conversation, that’s for sure. But with my I-thingie, I just touch the screen and TA DA! Definition at my fingertips.

Besides her incredible word choice, I’m awed by Laini’s imagination. She’s built and described a fantastical world where creatures battle angels in a realm where there really is no definable good or evil—both sides have elements of each. And isn’t that a fair microcosmic description of humanity itself! Laini’s protagonist, Karou, a strong, sexy, intelligent seventeen year old, is somewhere caught in the middle of the two races and their two worlds. She has no idea who she is or, more importantly, why she is. The story plays itself out expertly and each time I thought things could not get any deeper, Laini wove in another layer of complexity, pulling me along with it, as hooked to her gorgeous writing as I was to the story itself.

All in all, it was a great read. Although, for me, the ending felt a bit rushed, it lacked all that wonderfully magical detail that made the rest of the book a delight. Clearly though, Laini left the portal open (pun intended) for the sequel–one I will undoubtedly read.

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