A Final “RAP” about author Kathryn Magendie

So it’s time now for my last Random Act of Publicity (or at least for a while). I promise, this will be the last time I’ll shamelessly brag about my friend and her wonderful way with words (at least for a while). The last time I’ll post her links or pictures of her books or her warm, winning smile. But I’m hoping it won’t be the last time you visit her on your own. Maybe you’ll pick up one of her books next time you’re cruising through Amazon and happen to see one of them sitting on the shelf there. Or you’ll run across her name when you’re searching titles on your Kindle. Maybe you’ll even send her a friend request on Facebook (she really is a lot of fun to be friends with!)

I’ve already talked about the way Kathryn and I met. I’ve shared how her book, Sweetie, touched me on a few different levels. And I’ve posted her replies to my interview questions. So I thought I’d finish up with some other aspects of Kathryn.

Like the Rose & Thorn where Kathryn is one of two publishing editors, sharing the role with Angie Ledbetter. The Rose & Thorn is a wonderful place to visit. If you have time, take a stroll through its poetry. Run your fingers over its prose. If you like what you find, you might even submit some of your own works. Who knows, maybe you’ll get something published there and you and I will have another connection! Maybe you’ll be matched with a fantastic editor who’ll turn into a fabulous friend. You never know what life might have waiting just around the next link . . .

And then there’s Kathryn’s Virginia Kate trilogy, something else I’ve barely touched on. I’m currently the proud owner of signed copies of the first two books in the trilogy: Tender Graces and Secret Graces. And I’m anxiously waiting for the last book to be finished so I can have that one too! I’ll not talk too much about them. Suffice to leave you with an image of each. An image, a song. And a glimpse into Virginia Kate.

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