Incredible Stuff in L.A. – Part Three . . .

Still out there in California, Linda? Why yes, funny you should ask . . .

Well, I’m not there physically. Physically, I’m back home in Houston where our record breaking heat spell just had a much needed reprieve. Finally we got the kind of storm I’m used to! Huge, thunderous booms that rattled windows and set off car alarms, flashes of lightening stealing quick glimpses through the branches of the trees overhead. So many lightning strikes you can’t count them all!

Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s the kind of storm we’re used to here in Houston.

Storms like that always make me think of that time years ago when a team of programmers came out from California. We were working a software installation and had to go visit Orange, Tx to troubleshoot some things. Driving home it started to rain and Frank (the guy from California), said something like “So this is what a Texas storm is like . . .” Regina and I just looked at each other. We were on the freeway, still moving along at a good pace. It took a few minutes before the bucketsful started dropping and Regina had to slow to a crawl. “No, Frank. THIS is what a Texas storm looks like.”

But lest I should forget–and I never will!–I used to live in California. So I have both perspectives under my belt. Here in Texas I laugh when people complain about foggy mornings. Oh my gosh! . . . can you still see the road? If you can still see the road then you’re not in the fog.

Oh, but wait. I’m not writing about weather and our different attitudes toward it. I’m writing about L.A. and how great a time I had there! I’m sharing the last few pictures I came home with that are of sharable quality. And after that I’m going to resign myself to being in Texas again. And not somewhere else—rubbing creative elbows, dancing in my pajamas, and playing the part of the undiscovered famous author.

So here are shots of the book signing which is a huge thing! It’s such a great opportunity to meet wonderful writers like Jennifer Holm and Katie Davis whose books I bought for my nieces. (I don’t think either of them read my blog. If they do then . . . oops . . . surprise spoiled.)

Katie Davis and Me

Katie Davis and Me

Jennifer Holm and Me

For one of my nephews I got a book by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. You’d think I’d be smart enough to position myself between the two rather than hover on the outside and see if I can actually reach Lin before the flash went off. What Was I THINKING!

Lin Oliver, Henry Winkler and Me

And Libba Bray who had us all cracking up! I just had to buy one of her books. I’m going to share highlights from her breakout session at our next Houston Chapter meeting.

Libba Bray and Me

I even managed to get my picture with some locally famous people. Notice the matching necklaces! How cool is that!

Vicki, Me and Dana

And since I had my brand new camera and was learning how to use it, I managed to capture some random special moments. Like Mr. And Mrs. Juster on their way to dinner that last night.

Like the incredible view from my room on the 15th floor.

Or like the dragon who hitched a ride in Dana’s purse and decided to make the most of his trip.

Now, I know he had a good time–eating and drinking his way through L.A., meeting famous people, hanging out with future famous ones.

But was his experience as good as mine? . . . I don’t think so.

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4 Responses to Incredible Stuff in L.A. – Part Three . . .

  1. Martha Roddy says:

    Hi Linda,

    Best of all, the famous met the fabulous you and I know you, author early 21st Century!
    Yea, Linda!!

    • Linda says:

      Thanks Martha! You always have the nicest things to say.

      Next year you’ll have to go with us to the conference. You would love it!

  2. Beth Cross says:

    Looks like you had a great time!!! Love the dragon pictures! Thanks for sharing. Beth

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